Absolut Nights - Youth engagement platform

2016 – 2019

Pernod Ricard China

Absolut vodka is the iconic brand in the west, but not in China. This projects takes on the challenge and succeeds to position Absolut as the #1 vodka brand for the young generations by supporting China’s creative expression.

We translated Absolut’s global event series into a digital, engagement crowd-fuding platform for China. Absolut Nights connects, engages, converts and generates content – by the customers, for the customers.


Find a new way to connect with Chinese Gen Z and make the Absolut brand more localised, youthful and relevant. The goal was not to create a spark of engagement through a short-lived campaign but to position the brand in the new and innovative way.


Absolut has always been about creativity, supporting artists for decades. Yet in China, it has not been the case. On the contrary, modern China was often dismissed as the center of creativity.

We wanted to show the world, and China how creative it can be. And unlike Absolut in the west, we did not go into galleries to find creativity, we went to the streets.


By partnering with Edison Chen, an American-Chinese artist and designer we established Absolunights.cn – the first crowd-funded platform for young creatives. Weekly we would sponsor most liked and upvoted creative acts or events 10,000RMB (1.5K USD). The only rule – it happens at night. 

This opened the floodgates to all kinds of amazing ideas from across China. We saw creative acts beyond Shanghai and Beijing but from 1000+ cities. Absolut Nights positioned the brand as the supporter of creativity and alternative nightlife in China – something that no other brands can claim.

As a result, the platform did not only made Absolut relevant for China but hit all the buttons. It became an inspiring source of user-generated content (UGC), multiplied social media following and boosted sales – it created a China-wide creative for more things to come.