Australian Hiker


Let’s imagine you’re an avid, tech-savvy hiker. You’ve trekked, camped and explored more of Australia than most will in three lifetimes. Now imagine you’ve just retired from your daily grind at the office. How would you spend your days?

Tim Savage is Australian Hiker. His brand needed to capture his sense of discovery and freedom, while also communicating his approach to planning and orchestrating a hike. Tim has a great sense of humour but is also details focused and highly methodical, blogging online recommendations and reviews with honesty and transparency. The mark had to nail both his spirit and values.



AGDA – Finalist
Stefan Sagmeister
Why Design

From the first glance of the wordmark, viewers are introduced to the sense of clever simplicity they can expect from their readings on the blog. We took our own journey through the history books and selected a typeface imbued with the same sense of trustworthiness typically seen in trail map way-finding.

Through manipulation of the type alone, we surfaced an embedded pictogram of a hiker in action. The discovery of this character provides a ‘smile in the mind’, encapsulating the entirety of the subject matter and energising the viewer for their interactions with the written content.