Burberry - Experience strategy through social CRM




Burberry China is one of the most innovative luxury brands when it comes to understanding digital. In this project we defined how Burberry can better leverage their WeChat ecosystem and social CRM data.

We defined customer experience strategy turning customer data into personalised experiences into digital luxury, creating social currency and shaping signature social retail experience for the iconic fashion brand. 


We were to help Burberry to define how the luxury industry can leverage data, how to translate exclusivity into digital experiences. 

As WeChat became an increasing touchpoint for brand expression, we needed to create experiences that differentiate, are distinctly Burberry and add more layers for customers to experience the brand.


When it comes to digital experiences, brands need to incentivise and reward customers engagement. And for the luxury industry, it has to be done while maintaining exclusivity without devaluing or cheapening the brand.

We have seen that for the Chinese, ‘luxury’ means ‘exclusive’ and ‘premium’ means ‘personal’. The strategy was to define what exclusivity can mean on WeChat and social commerce and how social CRM data can lead to personalisation. 


We developed a data strategy to create complex customer segmentations – pairing purchase history and purchasing patterns with digital engagement. Burberry created virtual wardrobes, limited-edition drops and grants exclusive access to reward data sharing.

Using social CRM data collected through WeChat and other touchpoints, Burberry further merged digital engagement with physical store experiences into the first luxury omnichannel in China.


The project has led to the popularisation of the digital as part of the Burberry experience, embracing WeChat, CRM data, and social media as part of the in-store and overall customer journey. It paved the road for the collaboration with Tencent, opening luxury’s first social commerce flagship store in Shenzhen and other digital initiatives.