Catch is a new fish and chippery in Canberra that was faced with a difficult challenge – dispelling the myth that an inland city can’t serve fresh seafood.

The brand is presented in an honest, playful, no-frills visual identity, nodding to the nostalgia of day’s gone by where fish and chips didn’t have to be too upmarket. We were approached to find a digital solution that would represent these core brand values and convince patrons that Catch’s fish is as fresh as it gets.

We decided to use the medium of stop motion animation combined with slightly confronting and playful storytelling to pique the audience’s attention, creating a smile in the mind and the impression that this is a restaurant they’ll have fun interacting with.


NZ Best Awards – Bronze
CSS Design Awards – SOTD
CSS Design Awards – Best UI, UX
1guu Japan

Dispelling the myth that an inland city can’t serve fresh seafood.

The nature of our storyline meant we needed a commercial kitchen, access to a skilled chef, and a fresh salmon. Venue availability and timing meant we’d have to shoot the one and a half days across two different locations each with different environmental conditions. Both locations were operating premises so we’d only get an extremely limited amount of time in each space before lunch service was to begin and we’d need to vanish.

To ensure we could be swift and precise, extensive work was done through the strategy and prototyping stages (see supporting material) using a number of less-oceanic mediums (read: cardboard and bread). The setup in the kitchen involved a multi-angle lighting setup, multiple revisions of cutting surfaces and a custom suspended camera rig that would allow a wide enough angled shot to provide space in the website for content around the image with minimal overlap. We also utilised live digital onion-skinning to maintain precision placement of the shot subject with every capture.

Capturing the stop-motion was one thing, but translating this into a digital experience presented further challenges. Rather than simply playing the video on load, we wanted to immerse the audience deep into the content.

To achieve this we utilised a scroll to initiate only a ‘stage’ of the motion whilst dynamically and playfully moving the image subject around the page. The end result is a compelling reason to explore the supporting brand and its written copy and delve further into the story of Catch.