here. wellbeing


Be slow. Be present. Be here. Startup wellbeing studio here. needed a name, brand and website to peacefully introduce themselves to the world.

The services on offer needed to be elegantly communicated, while evoking a true sense of welcome calmness in the audience when they interact with the brand. As a company built around mindfulness and slow-living, everything about the audience experience needed to reinforce these values.

Here. offers an evidence-based therapeutic menu aimed at stress reduction. Another goal for the brand was to convey their novel clinical approach in a way that helps destigmatise psychological services.


AGDA – Finalist

ED. is more than just a design studio. They’ve been a partner in the growth of our business

Charlie Murray – here.

here. began with a name that perfectly summarises the goal shared by the company and its clients. The logotype introduces their values through its simple yet friendly typeface and in abbreviated ‘hr.’ form, speaks to the importance of temporality in achieving mindfulness.

With a calming palette, monochromatic colour pairs are used in discrete applications, promoting focus in the viewer, whilst the resulting ‘pill-press’ effect of the typography speaks to the evidence-based practice.

To balance the disciplined use of type and colour, a photographic style was defined to capture single, warm moments, depicting the services as approachable and transformative.