Peet's Coffee - Changing the ways China enjoys coffee


Peet’s Coffee

Guide an iconic coffee brand to China market entry by promoting new rituals and behaviour – the home brewing.

The experience of enjoying a cup of coffee took China over by storm. That new phenomenon attracted all industry players to China – but Peet’s had a slightly different vision. Consumers in China are establishing their coffee routine, which means ordering one in a coffee shop.

Peet’s has sought to change this experience: promote home brewing and own the bean market. And they had a claim to fame – Starbucks, the most popular coffee chain in China has started off Peet’s coffee beans. There was only one problem – Chinese consumers do not make their coffee, lack equipment and know-how.


Peet’s Coffee was seeking support for their market entry and to develop a campaign for Alibaba ecosystem. The goal was to engage with Chinese coffee drinkers and get them excited to consider home brewing.

We knew that Chinese consumers are very social media-driven. A beautiful cup of coffee is an opportunity to create content, show off and impress. Moreover,  Chinese coffee drinkers do prefer complex, milk and latte art heavy concussions that are not easy to make at home.


We wanted to appeal to increasingly individual and social media savvy Chinese coffee drinkers. Our idea was simple: ‘Everyone can order a coffee and snap a pic of it. It’s not new. It says nothing about one, neither is it something that can impress others these days.’ – Impress yourself more than others – learn home brewing pretty easy!

With that message, we have transformed Peet’s e-commerce flagship store into an engagement and education platform in collaboration with Taobao and Tmall.


We hijack all search queries for ‘coffee’ on Taobao/Tmall e-commerce platforms. Customers are then led to Peet’s integrated platform ‘Brewniversity’. There can they learn about bean origins, differences in roasts and brewing methods. 

Peet’s Brewniversity features live streams, knowledge quizzes, and gamification, turning coffee lovers into amateur baristas. Customers are incentivised to spend time in Brewniversity, customize their own coffee mugs and design logos for their virtual coffee stores. Customers who reach certain levels can receive a framed certificate for their home or a coffee shop they might open one day.

Every customer engagement in Brewniversity is rewarded with coupons and trial coffee brewing sets. In return Peet’s collects valuable CRM data about customers tastes and preferences, allowing them to better serve them and gain market understanding at large.