Peppermint - Startup brand strategy, identity & narrative.




Peppermint is a Chinese undergarments startup from Shenzhen looking to develop a D2C brand on the US market. Their vision is to connect with Gen Z, body empowerment, and fill the market gap for affordable, quality underwear.

Our goal was to create a new and exciting underwear brand with a distinct look and narrative. 

In several sprints, we covered: 1. Product Development. 2. Branding & Marketing. 3. Growth Strategy — from the positioning, workshop to fully operational D2C social commerce channels in under 4 months.


Peppermint was pivoting into the underwear and apparel category and was looking to develop a brand for its startup and go to US market fast. The challenge was to create a distinct and engaging brand with an emotional Gen Z appeal, built for social media, Instagram, and TikTok.



The underwear market has been undergoing a radical change over the last decade. Large brands, like Victoria’s Secret, were losing market share to young, more inclusive startups like MeUndies and niche LGBT or Female only brands.

We wanted to focus on radical inclusion of every occasion, size, color, or gender – one versatile pair to do it all. So we needed a vital brand purpose to inspire our followers, and become a movement that could thrive on social media.


Peppermint translates physical comfort into emotional confidence — It turns vulnerability into strength. We explore the intersection between functionality, looks, confidence, self-worth, and stretching oneself outside the comfort zone.

The brand identity is designed to be bold and distinct yet flexible and ever-evolving. The custom-made typographic logo allows it to adapt and stretch, making it an exciting brand asset, be it packaging, video, animation, or underwear. Peppermint’s brand identity and narrative add up and shape the content strategy across channels.

For the brand launch, we have partnered with talented NY illustrator Zovi. The campaign translates how Peppermint underwear inspires confidence in everybody.