Sam's Club - Brand repositioning of the member-only retail.


Walmart China

Creating a new brand positioning to help the retail brand differentiate and compete for the Chinese market by empowering its women.

We defined a new cohesive brand positioning for Walmart’s premium member-only retail chain. By focusing on Chinese moms and empowering women, we have achieved more focus and improved differentiation.


Help the American retail chain to better connect with Chinese consumers and sharpen its focus. Differentiate Sam’s Club on the market against both the competition from new retail (such as Hema or 7Fresh) and its rival Costco entering the Chinese market.


Chinese shoppers are spoiled with new and innovative offerings – 30 min delivery, convenient e-commerce grocery shopping.  It was clear that we could not compete with Chinese tech giants entering retail on their turf – convenience and speed. Instead, we saw an opportunity to differentiate on something that both customers and stakeholders hold dear – guaranteed quality.

Further, we narrowed our focus to one influential target audience that cares most for quality and would never jeopardize it for convenience – moms.

“I spend a lot of time to find the best quality for my family.”
“I know, healthy products cannot come in unlimited quantities.”
“It is my job to put smiles on my family’s faces.”

 – Chinese Moms


By focusing on Chinese moms we helped Sam’s Club to streamline its communication and services on the women. This value proposition does not only extend to marketing but product portfolio, store layout and hero products. 

To truly position Sam’s Club as the partner for Better Life, we recommended taking this positioning into the corporate and the employer brand. Sam’s Club so champions female empowerment as its core CSR values, supports employees with family insurance, maternity leave and other mom-centric initiatives.

Sam’s Club is a members club helping moms in pursuit of a Better Life. Because only Sam’s Club cares enough to offer an exclusive selection on which it can 100% guarantee quality. Unlike other retailers who would sell anything to anyone.