Sennheiser Planet - Brand engagement platform for premium audio experience.




How might we develop a strategic roadmap to omnichannel experience, from digital platforms and e-commerce to communities?

Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading audio equipment brands. It enjoyed quite a success in China, based on its global high-end reputation, yet its digital ecosystem was not up-to-date with increasingly digital times.

The client was looking for a strategic roadmap towards omnichannel experience – from digital engagement platforms to e-commerce or even brand community. This project aimed to define the digital brand experience and explore CRM opportunities using WeChat.


As we started the project, Sennheiser had a minimal digital footprint in China. So any digital channels were purely PR and promotional – announcing new product releases and hoping customers would go and find it somewhere.

Such a blank slate can be an excellent opportunity to define and envision a new digital brand experience. Still, it would require substantial efforts and investments, so the strategy must be modular and allow phased development.

Moreover, Sennheiser lacked a clear understanding of the market, unique selling points they were marketing, or any strong positioning that would set them apart from the competition. Our first channel was to seek consumer insight. 


We sought customer insight from Zhihu (a Chinese community similar to Quora) and found out that Sennheiser was the most talked about brand among all high-end audio providers. People there would share well-written breakdowns and in-depth reviews of Sennheiser microphones and headphones. We could see obvious audience tiers engaging in conversations about it. 1. Pioneers – musicians and audio geeks; 2. Devotees – music and sound lovers; and 3. Followers – consumers who care about quality and look up to others.

Our strategy was to identify various audience needs and customer journeys and consider what type of features and services they would appreciate most from a digital brand engagement or in-store experience. 


Once we have understood our audience segments and envisioned desired and differentiated CX, we formulated a roadmap for the signature ‘Sennheiser Planet’ experience – a world of quality – a digital platform with a clear data strategy and set KPI.

From a simple product authentication, smart suggestions, e-commerce service & support, we channel customers’ interest and conversation around music & sound into a brand community, both online and offline.

We created a high-end O2O experience strategy that high-end brands should have. Customers receive personalized experiences based on their needs or purchase history with the brand. And the digital membership platform not only allows customers to collect points, upgrade and purchase more products, and visit live events and masterclasses.

The platform invites all audiences to engage with each other and leave reviews or suggestions on how to get the best sound out of Sennheiser – a genuine brand community that incentivizes engagement, offers real value, and builds stronger relationships.